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So. I went out yesterday driving with some friends and drove to my uncles house for a drive to show him my new car.
Then- pitch black- 8 ish. I went out, on my own first time ever. In the dark.
I went on the motorway for a while on my own, then my car started making this weird noise.
Anyway, I think I might have a speeding ticket coming through. Shit. I googled it, two weeks. Hopefully it won't come. Hopefully. I mean, I sped a few times, went past a couple red lights. Shit shit shit.
Not very good first few days driving... Oops. I mean, fucks. I get distracted way too easily. Plus, I nearly crashed into another car when changing lanes without looking on the motorway, this time I was with my friend and we both screamed and laughed after it happened. Shock
Seriously though, I am a shit driver. Distracted way too easily!!! Shucks !

Well. Hopefully I will still be able to drive still in the next few weeks. Shuckssssss!

So today, I'm gonna stay in, I've been out and sorted some stuff. Now gonna have a nice stay in day, I was going to go to my friends, but, I'm not really in the mood for it now, plus, we weren't doing anything we were just gonna hang out nd watch tele. Not actual plans to go cinemas, shopping or something.

Oh. I need a job, I was made to be rich- such expensive taste.

I bought (well, got my mum to buy them and hopefully she'll forget that I said I'll pay her back) some clothes online the other day. A few t-shirts and some joggers.

I hardly ever wears jeans now, I just feel fat. And its winter, so im gonna have to buy lots more wooly tights cause I'm kinda a - baggy t-shirt and shorts kinda type now.
I mean, that's really all I wear now. I sometimes wear leggings, and dresses with tights and stuffs.
Blah, whatever...

Hopefully today will be okay. I need to stop worrying and feeling shitty.
The last few days have been okay. That's good at least...

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