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Okay, well yesterday was okay. After dinner with our friend we hadn't seen in a while, which was a laugh, me and my bestie ended up wondering round for hours and shopping. Not good when I'm being distracted though, I'm lucky I can drive, honestly no good at driving. And ecspially not parking! So bad even, a random person walking past in the supermarket carpark screamed at me to stop when I was reversing and then offered to park my car for me and then directed me on what to do. Yeah- shittest parking ever.

So, we ended up going out round town and I got drunk, but I wasn't my usual happy drunk self, I got really miserable and sat on the stool while everyone else danced, I had a few guys come up to me and try to drag me up to dance but I wasn't having any of it. And on a miserable drunken time id rather not have random guys flicking me and asking me my name and guys commenting on my short shorts and saying 'nice' ... Not exactly what I was in the mood for. But I admit- I was being a moody bitch.

At the beginning on the night it was good, just the last couple of clubs we got into I got into a shit mood. Probably cause the alcohol was wearing off a little. Blah.

We then got a takeaway (so I nearly was sick but wasn't) then I ended up sleeping at my friends house, tip toeing in so we didn't wake anyone up then I slept in her bed while she slept on the sofa bed. I set my alarm so I wouldn't sleep all day, wiped my makeup off, cleaned my teath and took my shorts and top off and slept in my bra and mini boxers.

I got up round midday, got changed, couldn't be arsed with makeup, didn't bring clothes for the day after so just chucked my shots and t-shirt from the day before on, shoved my stuff in my bags, got my keys, said bye to my friend after a little chat then set my satnav up to go home.

Got lost- satnav ran out of battery, was NOT in the mood for that. Eventually found my way, sort off. Singing along to my music, full volume, pissing it down outside, kinda scary on a motorway where it was packed and this lorry kept flashing his lights at me - I didn't think I was doing anything wrong.... Weird.
Got home an hour later, had some soup and bread then a long hot shower then changed into my cosy fleeced pants and vest top then tidyed my mess of a room up a little and lyed in bed watching tele.

After tea about 6ish I wanted this chocolate dessert (though im on a diet... Which clealy isn't working) so I made my mum come with me (and pay) while I drove to the shop and buy my yummy dessert, got back home, then a couple of hours later dropped my brother at a pub and drove back home alone singing loudly... Again.

So. In my PJ's now, wrapped in my fluffy blanket watching a cops thing. Cops are shit. !

Tomorrow I'm going shops with my dad while I get some stuff I want and show him I can drive cause he's not been in the car with me yet, and then home for a lazy day.
I've asked my friend to come round at night to watch tele just cause I'd be bored as fuck overwise. So maybe. We'll see...

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