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Still feeling pretty miserable tonight.
Staying in on Saturday night cause everybody's busy or working. But I have the house to myself to watch and listen to music very loud without anybody disturbing me. Munching out on fatty stuffs- all I need when I am trying to lose weigh- great work there... Fuck.

Thinking of going for a drive for abit, bored, might be even fatter and go to mcdonalds for a mcflurry, oh my gosh. I am fat and like way too greedy.
I burnt my finger before- ow.
My tummy has been hurting me since yesterday- mum said I might have pulled something the over night when I went out- I am very clumsy, plus I was dancing lodes so I might have pulled something.

I really want a baby. I saw my baby cousins today- so so cute and adorable. I want one. Still gonna wait, maybe not as long, maybe till I'm 20. Hopefully I'll have a boy who I love and he loves me by then- though I doubt anybody ever would. So , really, I mean, every baby deserves a family and stuffs, but I have a big family with lots of guys in it, so the baby still would have a male role model and all... Shit shouldn't plan so much me!

I'm late on- again. Maybe it's cause I've been eating lodes this last month or so- my period always fucks up when I change my diet a little- maybe 6-8 weeks late. Great.

I don't think- not sure- that I mentioned it.
I met this guy on Thursday night, at the ending of the night after I'd had a few kisses from a few guys, I met this one guy who my friend knows, well the last half hour or so of the night we stayed together, kissed, danced, he was really tall though, I was wearing flats so I had to be on my tip-toes kissing him. And he kept buying everyone drinks and let me borrow some cigs of him. I only smoke when drunk but yay.
Well. My friend gave him my number after the taxi ride home we kissed and she said - lets go- ill give you her number! So. He texted me before and wants to meet up sometime for a drink or something. Oh fucks. I don't do dates. Plus I can't even remember what he looked like- just he was really tall.
I asked my friend if he is good looking and she said- yeah he is!
I don't know if I will go out with him, maybe drink up on vodka before hand. Plus- like I said- I'm no good with dates! And I know he won't like me- nobody will or does once they find out who I really am, how depressing and boring I am... But he does seam really nice for what I remember...

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