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You know. Cause it's like they ever come through anyway.
In face- when we don't plan things it turns out ten times better than when we do plan.

Last night we were gonna go round town, meet this guy who's been asking to see me and then get very drunk...
Instead my idiotic friend decided we all should take a long drive and just talk and listen to music and stuffs then drive back- why? I have no idea.
But stupid me went along with it.

We picked up the guy and I drove while my friends sat in the back seat. He sat next to me and barely said a word except directions all the hour and more ride there.
We went down some roads and got lost, I nearly crashed a couple times going round bends fast and my friend saying to me how she doesn't want to die because of my stupidity- I told her how it's not stupid, I wasnt going that fast, the roads were icy and I didn't know so much... Whatever, she shut up.
Finally we got there, and I decided to let him drive back.
Still- barely any words.
Oh- except me, cause I was in a completely shit mood cause my friend pissed me off with some things she were saying- - so all I kept saying to him was- well basically kept criticising him. Going on about how he is driving shit, how he should signal (cause it pisses me off when people dont!), how he kept wondering between lanes on the motorway.

I've realised I don't think any guy could ever cope with me and all my shittness and the things that annoy me.

Finally when we got back home, I dropped my friend off. She was being a completely moody bitch with me- as I was with her too cause I told her to fuck off after some of the things she was coming out with trying to annoy me. It worked.
She hugged our other friend and told her to text her when she got home and ignored me, nothing. No text to ask me if I got home okay or anything like usual, clearly doesn't give a shit. Fuck her how, I've had enough.
and he drove back to his. And finally spoke and spoke, why he didn't speak when our friend was in the car I don't know...
We said bye and I changed into the drivers seat and he shut the door- fuck knows if he was expecting a kiss but I didn't give him nothing- like I said, not in the mood!

He texted me later on saying how it was a shit night and it was awkward and he wasn't the best company, I texted him a quick text while I drove slowly on the empty roads then he texted me back and I haven't texted him again, he texted me again today but I just can't be arsed with it. Plus I'm going to have a week or two in the house- not going out! And he texted me to say we should go out round town sometime, and yesterday before he left he asked me if I was busy on Saturday and I said I don't know yet...

So, I drove back, feeling depressed as usual, had a little cry. Came home, got changed, cleaned my teeth and went fast asleep. Completely sober, boring and ultterly shit night.

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