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Watching I am legend while eating tiny cookies and drinking warmed up apple juice drink. I love I am legend. I love cookies- tiny or big- but I'm on a diet so tiny it is!!

I love music. Any type. Every type. Music keeps me alive.
I love adventures and exploring. Though I don't as much as I should...
I love shopping. Total shopaholic. I need money.
I love my mum the most. I'm not really closed to anyone in my family- like when people talk about their parents- and if I say do you get along with them- they always say of course & ask why wouldn't they. I don't really get along with any of my family, nobody understands me, but whatever, just the way I am...

im like, such SUCH a fussy eater.- all I really eat is jacket potatos, weight watchers ready meal chicken & wedges, soup, chicken in a wrap, waffles.... Yeah that's pretty much it.
if I go out for meals its usually potatoe or sommet like that.
I can eat stuffs like spagetti or stuff but, not really me.

I love kfc when I am hungover. Like for tea. I actually can't eat for ages after a drunken night. Give it a few hours and a hot shower and im back myself again.
I love drinking Malibu & coke, vodka & coke. Pretty much my only alcoholic drinks. No to beer, no to koppabergs and stuff like that anymore as it makes me sick so bad. Ew.
I don't drink much. Water usually. Maybe orange juice or if im cold its hot chocolate or warmed up applejuice... Like now...

I love titanic. - one of the best movies ever.
i love Leonardo dicaprio- amazing. Most amazinggg man alive. I pretty much love every film with him init what I've seen anyway.
I love Nicholas cage. Shia labeouf... A few others i totally can't spell.
i love Angelina jolie- she is amazing.

Soooo. What else....
. Oh. I totally can't stand polystyrene. Worst sound ever!! Goes through me like crazy.

i was thinking of buying a long chain with a cross on. Like gold or silver? So i can wear it all the times but under my top sometimes.
I'm not religious all that much. There's tons of shit that makes 0 sense. I hate going to church, though our parents make us go once a year at christmas- daaamm. That time a year nearly again.

i love getting presents- i love nice pretty things and have expensive taste which kinda sucks! I'm so greedy and kinda spoilt, kinda.....

I hate people who think they are better than others. I believe in equality. I don't see anything wrong with anybody whether them being gay or a different religion. Whatever. As long as you don't hurt anybody.
i hate ignorant people. My dad always blanks out- most irritating thing ever.

watching i am legend still.
i HATE the bit when sam the doggy goes missing and then further on when it goes worse. Poor sam.

i miss happiness- can't remember it.
I miss my doggy who died like 14maybe months ago.
I miss my (probably favourite) brother when he is away at uni.
I miss my old friends. -- the amount of friends i had who have now gone-- totally sucks.

Okay. Done now. Concentration on theee amazing yet very sad movie.
If anybody is reading this. And if anybody hasn't seen it. Watch it.

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