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Feeling totally shitty tonight.
Looked in the mirror to see my face. Yeah..... After non-stop wearing of full on makeup for the last few days and then seeing your face with no makeup & tons of spots. NOT GOOD!!
My skin sucks.

Also verrrry tired and my legs are killing me & a few blisters from last nights drunken events....

We went out extremely early. Like 8pm.
Wore my shorts, top, tights & heels. Drank our vodka & orange before we left. Got in taxi to first place. Drank a few cocktails that went straight to my head. Next place I was now very drunk. Singing along to songs and spilling my drinks everywhere

Then we went into main town at 11ish. No more drinks I was drunk enough by then. Singing Christmas songs while walking to the clubs with heels in my hands and everyone starring at me. On the way to takeaway at the end of the night and in the takeaway and in the taxi - the amount of looks I got cause I was scream-singing at the top of my lungs Xmas songs. I did get like one person to join in singing ' Rudolph the red nose reindeer ' with me. One person out of hundreds!!

home at 2ish. Earliest time ever. Maybe that's the idea from now on as I woke up at Half 12 feeling not very hungover at all. Yay! Though my legs are killing to fuck now!!

Not in Christmas mood atm. But like 4/3 days. Woo.
Though food!! Getting so fat its ridiculous :(
After Xmas its diet all the way...

Then we have a family party thing next Saturday which should be....okay..... Maybe okay. Knowing my family and most are family we see a couple times a year... But Christmas day with the usual Xmas family lot should be good like usual...

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