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Eyes watering, nose sniffling, sore nose from tissues, blistered feet, sore legs, ew.

Getting up at half 9 to have a shower so I don't look a complete utter mess tomorrow when I go shops at half10 with my mum cause she's making me go with her for Christmas food I won't even eat. Fussiest person ever!
I just feel hideous today, tonight, everything ew.
Up in like 9 hours, nearly half 1 already,what!?

Can't believe how minging and spotty I am today. I'd say I won't wear makeup for a few days to let my skin breathe but whenever I go out I just have to put makeup on else ill feel like an utter fucked up face and totally just yuck!! Oh my dayyyyyys!!

So. Darn. Can't be arsed getting up early tomorrow. Yeah!- half nine is early for me. Like shit early!!

Oh fucks, I hate being ill. Feel so bloody poorly!! Blaaaaaaah!

Oh, hahahaha, last night in the club. Some funny people. Tryna dance with me and their 'moves' completely made me just laugh in their faces. Haha! I was just like- no! Cause last night I went out with my brothers too. My brother was looking at me laughing. It was soooo funny!

Oh. Yeah, I've finally told this guy to leave me alone!
So. Like a year ago maybe? We met up a few times, he knew a few of my friends so... He was nice, just really weird and annoying and not even great looking. He was obsessed about talking about cooking or his mum. I was like seriously!? Every time we met up.
So. He acted like a child. We met up one time out of town. Booked a room, everything.
Got there - such a minging tiny cheep room. I was like 'ewwww' just made me feel like... Dirty or cheep or something. He wanted sex but I told him to fuck off and the next day (and no sex) we went home and I never spoke to him since.
I mean- I hated his like- desperation too. I hate it when guys act so desperate, nice & needy. Nope!!
He like... Wouldn't say overly much like romantic to me in person but would as soon as we left each other and he'd text me stuff asking me to be his girlfriend- like what!? He said 'I have something to ask but, but I'll text it you later' to me one day on the way home. A minute after he left he asked me over text, I was like 'are you a child !?' why he couldn't ask me to my face.
Then that night we went out he was all needy and pretended he wasn't a virgin when he was- finally when he couldn't do it he started getting weepy and I asked him why and he whispered something and I was like - I am not having sex now. And he was like 'please' and I was like hahahaha no! So he was like 'promise we will meet up again' and I was like sure..... Ha. Yeah right.

He texted me the other day for the millionth time so I finally said 'what's up!?' he was like asking me why I hadn't texted him back and I said I wasnt bothered with him and basically told him to fuck off. Then he texts me saying how I promised and how he didn't do anything wrong and how he payed for lots of things on the night out.
So, that was it. I went mad text on him.
Having a go at how pathetic and needy he is. How 'he spent so much' on ONE thing- the minging shitty room. How he is a child and money doesn't buy people anyway, and just a ton of shit just going mental at him and hoping he will finally take the hint and leave me alone for good.
So. He did.
He didn't text back. Think he took the hint.
Okay. Maybe I was a little harsh. But he was so irritating. I don't even care. Maybe he will move on now or something. Weird...

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