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 STILL feeling ill. whaaat!?

  Oh. sore back, headach, sniffles, tired, i need paracetemol.

 I wanted to go cineams today- asked someone to come with me then i decided i was not in the mood too... I mean- for 1- i dont have the effort to get out of my extreamly comfy PJ bottoms and my hoodie, not effort to do my hair or makeup, PLUS i want my skin makeup free for as long as i possibly can (wont be too long, maybe at least one day!?) Then there is the fact i will be sitting in a loud cinema room feeling freezing cold cause im ill and a headach- maybe not the best idea, eh?

 So. Maybe tomorrow. Probably not. Probably into town for quick shops tomorrow as im being dragged along. Maybe friday. then saturday party. Then sunday lazzyyy days till new years.

 Last new years i stayed in my room listening to music while the countdown began- my bitch of a mum actually wouldn't shut up till i came in the living room to see the fireworks on tele. big deal. 
 I'm just one of those people who has give up now- a new year in numbers doesn't mean everything will change and magically become better.
 And then there are the new years resolutions- which never ever work.
 This year-  though at the minute it doesn't sound like it- - i am going to try and be more optimistic about what the new year actually will bring.

 Cause i know i will HAVE to get a job sometime in the year- cause 12 months. If not i'd be the worse looking for a job person EVER.
 I know i will lose weight. Cause i did it fine last year- then lost it when shit happened again. but this next year i will keep it up. I started diet again yesterday. All's good. Exercising WILL start again when im all better and out of this flu-e-ness.

Maybe there is hope for me yet.
 I just need to get to them places, to move on to the next. Stop thinking half as much- for a dumb person i think a hell of alot more than i need too! And positivity and get things fucking done.
  Seriously need to get my ass into gear today- so im feeling shit and ill- my room is a tip and not to mention a hundred other things to sort out.
 Maybe thats my hint to get off of here.
 Yeah. I'll take it.

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