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  Owwwie. Seriously need stop biting my lips!! OW! fuck fuck fuck. it hurts like hell. so stings oh shit. why do i do this?
 SO> half-productive day today.... kinda.
 Woke up 2 hours later than planned even though my mum woke me up like 10 times. i was just in an utter shit waking up mood for some reason. So up at half 12. at least i had a good long sleep....
  Then dinner. Then sorted the conserverty and the guinea pigs out. cleaned the house, cleaned the actual guinea- giving them a bath and haircut hahahahaha!
 Then cleaned my room. Kinda. Well its a hell of a lot more tidy than it was before.
 Then shower. Now sat on bed, typing, sore lip, shit shouldn't just bite it!
 Need to get dry and pick some clothes what ill be wearing for the party in less than two hours away.- depending on who is going decides if i will be driving there and back or not and also if i can drink or not. Mmmm. Not overly arsed bout drinking, i'd rather just drive to be honest. weird....

 What can i wear? Since it's like a 4 o'clock and onto the evening/night. Can't really go overly dressed up or anything. but not too casual, right?
 Mmm. Shorts, tights, nice top? -- thats my usual fallback plan. :)
- oh and converse.

 I was thinking of wearing a nice casual dress, jacket, tights, heals. But i still have blisters from the other night. so i thought may aswell swap the dress for shorts and  a half decent pretty top. Okay.
 Hair up or hair down?
 I woke up this morning with MINGING spots. So alot of makeup as usual and hair down and straightened probably- another one of my fallback ideas :)

 Still got the sniffles but over than that im all out my cold. WOO. though i have given the rest of the family it. I best not get it back !

I've still been texting this guy i met a few times. He asked me out today- but since ive got the party later on i said we should do something after new years. Maybe shopping, cinemas and wondering round or just go out in town and get very drunk ! Whatever, he seams like a half-decent guy though- he really is lovely. I just don't know what he wants. And me being completly damaged- i don't want to fuck anything up!!

 Watching music channel. Okay gonna see what i'll wear. Like an hour and bit to go. Should be ready in time. Takes me WAY too long to get ready > but i do need to dry my hair and straighten it. find clothes. then actually get ready with my clothes and make up and stuffs....

 oh- the script is on.  OH. i love the script. mmmm.
  Let's see how the rest of today goes....

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