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 Driving. Fucking stressed me out it did. I'm there singing along to my beautifullll music when i accidentaly nearly don't look at the give way line. I mean- i wasn't going fast or anything, and i did stop in time and stuffs. Well the car driving past looked at me like 'WTF' so when i went and drove behind him he was arguing with me, i could see his hands going everywhere and talking at me through the mirror. SO i was like arguing back like putting my middle finger up and shouting telling him to fuck off. I must had looked pretty crazy.
 So then- what does the asshole do? Put his foot on the brake and stops. I beeped my horn and started arguing again. Then he drove on and a second later i was going straight while he was waiting to turn, i drove past and looked at him- him still there basically shouting at me, so i stuck my finger up and carried on. Fucking Dickhead.

 Seriously. I didn't do anything that wrong really. & having a go at me. AND stopping isn't going to help is it. He's just gonna cause a bloody accident braking like that. HAHAHAHA. it was really funny though. Oh - i am a stress.

Gosh. Got the sniffles still.

  OH, this guy asked me out to a new years party as his +1 kinda thing. I don't think im gonna go though- yeah hes nice and stuff, i just would rather not humiliate myself in front of him and his mates like when i don't even know him properly enough yet to make a complete fool out of myself like i am when drunk. Maybe i should wait till he likes me more to put up with it..... BUT saying that- he has seen me in a right drunken state before and he seams to like me enough- he is always asking me out.
 I feel a little tight saying- no. But im gonna go a friends party instead. I hope he doesn't take it the wrong way.

 But like a couple days after new years im gonna ask him out somewere- so it looks like i do actually give a shit cause he is always the one asking me out.


 I think he is alright. I was talking to this other guy too, well a couple- who i met on nights out. but they totally just irriate me after meeting up them once while having dinner with lodes of my friends, i've just left them to it and just staying put with this one lovely guy- who i actually like in person cause he really is nice.

 So. yeah.
 Looking kinda emo today. Leggings. Black boots. Grey crop top, black oversized top with writting on it, and my hair in plaits. Yeah- im wearing a green bra, & blue reindeer knickers & fluffy purple socks. but you can't see them. So to everyone i look total emo girl. I'm not though... Honest. :D

Okay. Off to drive my brother back home (well to the train station) in a minute. Then gonna have to make my bed and flip the fucking mattress over is my mum helps, fucking springs dig into my back. Need a new mattress.
  Yepp... Then a pretty boring day. All i have done today is wake up extreamly late, have dinner, go shops, and im back home. What can i do the rest of the day ?????

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