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 SO> tried to get to sleep a while ago. Failed. So changed into my clothes instead of walking through my full house naked..... Changed into my trackies and watched tele for abit. SO. now im trying to get to sleep again. Well. i've failed. changed into PJ's this time while im watching catch up of BBC3 programmes in the living room. in my white shorts and t-shirt. just realised they kinda match with red, black on them both. Just shoved my hair up, cleaned my teeth again cause i ate a quality street chocolate before, and washed and moisturised my face.
 Kinda tired. but not sleeping still. SUCKS> gonna wake up at like half 9/10 tomorrow so then hopefully i will not go to bed so sooooo late. Then hopefully sleeping pattern will be kinda back to normal.

 Decided to not go anywhere tonight. Movie night alone or maybe with the brother shall do it. SUCH a bore, wouldn't think i am an 18 year old girl. i could choose a party with friends. party with a guy who likes me. or home alone tele time. AND i choose the most boring option. Oh well. New Years celebrations isn't really for me !

 Probably gonna stay in this room till 2 ish then head off for bed and hopefully not spend hours tryna get to sleep...
 OH> still not done my tidying up and stuffs so waking up early im gonna make the bed, hoover, maybe mop the floor if my mum comes home early  (well she will be the one mopping and possibly the hoovering too- i HATE hetty or any hoovers !! ) then dusting, taking out my little rubbish bin and reaaranging all my shit on the shelves cause i like my room being pretty.

 What a fun filled new years eve. eh? Oh well. Least my room will be spotless for new years day (though it will stay like that a couple of days if i am lucky!)
 Oh and SUCKS - after tidying my room i'll more likely than not be sneezing the rest of the day cause of my dust allergies. OH fucks.

 Right. Gonna watch tele now. I've replayed this scene like 3 times cause i'm too busy typing.

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