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  Sat on the couch in my PJ's watching utter shit. Do they not think people may be still awake at half 2??? All that's on is teleshopping and repeats on shit programmes basically. EW!

  Feel like in school when you have to sit with your legs crossed. hahahaha. feel so comfy though. It's quiet cool in this house. Like heatings not on. Not too warm. Not cold though. Nice. For ONCE. Got my hair shoved up in a pony on the top of my head everytime i move i feel my hair sway to the side.

  Okay, i need to do something tomorrow. What can i do?

 PLAN for new years eve is....
   Up at 10. (less than 7 hours sleep shite)
   Tidy Tidy Tidy till dinner.
   Dinner then long hot shower.
   Then WHAT??goes off

 Gonna have to make up something that we need to buy so that i can get out the house, have a drive and sing and wonder round in shops. Are they all open usual new years eve?? Probably close earlier don't they- SOME best be frickin open !!!

 Oh. Maybe i should have said i'll go to them parties after all. I am bored now, just thinking of how bored i will tomorrow night, shucks.....

 Oh i HATE waiting for texts and messages.
 Was FB messaging my old friend from school before, had a massive chat with her catching up and then she goes off.
 Now texting this guy, he is at work though so every break he has he texts me. I said i'll probably be awake most night cause i rarely can sleep nowadays so text me whenever. But before he went we were texting & i asked him if he wanted to go out Saturday round town. DRUNKNESS. He said i can pick whatever we do 'whatever we do it'll be fun' he said.
I mean It couldn't get much worse than the other time we went out- total failed plan!!

 So yeah. Gonna head to theee bedroom now and watch shit cable T.V unless i find something on tivo box to put on then watch it in my room. Oh desicions, decsions.....
  Right. Off to the room it is. No doubting i will back on in a minute, set laptop to sleep just in case.
 Hopefully waking up early will sort out my sleeping pattern so i can actually sleep before 4/5 AM. It SUCKS.

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