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'but then alot of nice things turn bad out there'

  Just heard this song on 'dont forget those lyrics' - AAH though. It's such a lovely song. ahahaha!
Totally true aswell!!

   SO. > actually started tied my room. When you start by making it look 10X worse than it originally did and tidy it that way, no effort to start tidying again now though so it's gonna be worse than it was in the beggining. NO. i must tidy it so it's not an utter shithole.
 Like some of the shelves are dusted - DUST too. Fucking ridiculous. i hate dust!
Took covers and stuff off beds- i actually have like 12 cushions, 3 pillows, two blankets, not even a full on double bed. I wish i had a bigger bed, bigger room, bigger house- why cant i just win the lottery !?
 Got SOME of the clothes i ordered last week today, aw they are lovely. A nice vest black top with 'Back to the future' on it and the car in the movie. Then like a checkered shirt cause i wanted a cute one- i don't have any shirts- so first bluey cropped tie-shirt. Then two pretty thongs. Like 25 pounds altogether- not bad.  i LOVE sales. !!

 Listening to music, gonna have get back to tidy now though so on to music channel, volume up, singalong while i tidy. FUN new years eve. but i choose it this way so i can't complain.... Least my room will be spotless when entering 2013.

 OH - NOT NOT looking foward to the fireworks that go off like hours after midnight .most irritating thing ever- rather just watch BBC and see them all go off in London. Inside. Warm. Yepp. My plan !

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