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 Closer to the fireworks and annoyance's- i don't see why the news keeps saying this year has been good. WHAT cause of the olympics? What about the rest of the shit like the dying or fighting?? No. Oh. Okay then- fucking great year -.-

  WELL> about to start watch 'pitch perfect' that i downloaded of internet- with the mother and a glass of vodka & coke AND a chocolate ice cream lolly. Yeah... the calorie counting is on a pause for the next couple of hours. Okay!???? But still, i won't be over 1200 calories by much- then again alcohol is such a danger! That's why i gained tons of weight. Darn you alcohol and your shittiness with calories!

 Oh well.
 I finally tidied my room after losing my charger for my laptop and a dead battery. Couldn't see the floor, so it's all good now. Dusted. Hoover. Full on housewife work. Fuck- thank god i don't have my own house i have to clean all the time- no wonder my mum compains! hahahaha!
 Though- i wouldn't overly mind if it were my own house. Cause i'd be there screaming along to my music and dancing while i clean. Ha. I am such a mess.

 Cannot wait to grow up though, find someone to have babies & a house with and actually have a fucking job. Don't need to grow up for the job part- i need one now!!! Just let me skip 5 years ahead in the future for a minute just so i can see what exactly is in store for me.
 Yeah- what life would that be?? Predictable but still....

  Half an hour. Woo. -.-

 All's the same- said it tons'a times. Happy New Year.

    Let's Make This Year- a better one !! x

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