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  When i look back to a few years ago when i was in school... I really wish i was more like i am now. Like now i really don't give a shit about what people think of me. Yeah i don't like looking really ugly or fat- but that is more for me about confidence & stuffs. but actually in school- i used to actually care what the bitches and dickheads thought of me.
 In school i shifted 'groups' ALOT. And when shifting from one to another,  then the old ones and me hated each other. weird how it works... it is not like i didn't like them anymore, i just got bored. I don't like feeling uncomfortable or the 'quiet' one of the group. I like having the attention as pathetic as that sounds.

  YES>> negative attention is better than no attention at all.

 i think it is anyway. I used to get a hell of alot of attention at school. bad attention. cause i was like 'quiet' but i wouldn't put up with shit anybody, got into arguements with people, and i was always in detention for some shitty reason- fucking strict school.

 I never actually cared about what they thought of me in some aspects. but in others, i kinda did. i mean- i didn't care whether they actually liked or hated me. I just was who i was. But i wish i was more loud and confident. I always was sick of being described as the 'shy' one.
 I'm a weird character. Not all too many people get me or can understand and like me. And thats fine with me. I am who i am and i can't change that. so fuck whoever doesn't like me.

 YEAH. i am still very shy and stuffs sometimes. depending on the situation.
 But like i know who i am more. as gay and pathetic as they kinda sounds. like i am different and unique. and you will never meet anybody as weird as me in every way. I'm a strange one. yeah. i don't care.
 THAT'S me.
 weird mood today. whatever.............

 listening to music on bed. hoodie. leggings. still damp hair from the shower before. fluffy socks. comfort though !! :)

 From One Direction to Jake Bugg to Evanescence to Akon to Bruno Mars to Taylor Swift to Ne-Yo to Olly Murs to The Feeling..
 Yeah my music taste is all over the place too.....

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