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  Still tired. Fell asleep on the couch when i left here and went into the living room watching a movie. Movie went off. I went off. Then woke up an hour later. MY mum is so annoying- after clearly telling her to not let me fall asleep else i won't sleep tonight- and she sits there seeing me asleep for ages. Oh. Looks like my sleeping pattern will be fucked for another night. GREAT.
 As much as i keep saying it- nothing has happened. I still haven't looked for a job. Still not applied for anything. Gonna do it tomorrow, promise !!
 I kinda need to, too, money money money.
 I want this very pretty bag and then  these converse shoes and this hoodie altogether costing more than a hundred. another hundred gone after spending tons already this last week, i'm gonna wait and hold myself back so i don't spend even more, else i'm gonna be poor as fuck before i know it. Oh shucks.
 Wow. Just realised how loud my music was. Sat on bed with laptop obviously, and ipod speakers sat  next to me. My little plug in one since the other better one broke the other month, shucks.
 Gonna get dad to get me a new satnav. Totally  need one. I am the WORSE directions person ever. Like ever. And my old one is totally shitty and like ten years old ! - it is pretty funny watching people try & work it and tap the screan for ages not understanding why it isn't working 'its not touch screen you know...' hahahahaha !

Cannot believe i still have this fucking cold. My nose is killing me. Weeeehhh!

I actually might think i might drive round and wonder to shops tomorrow to hand out my C.V...
 Seriously- i am this desperate to buy things? yeah....
 I mean - lodesa things do it online now but like small places won't will they- small places don't even have bloody websites to look on!

 YOU know what job i'd really like (for now i mean...)
 Like at a petrol station person on the cashier. Cause- it's gotta be easy, not-stressful, pretty quiet cause some stay open 24/7 so it would be at night too, yeah -granted it would be boring as fuck. But it'd be an easy cool job. PLUS i am a total night-person. I am happier at night, and louder and everything is better at night. Seriously.
 Not a fucking clue how i'll get that job though.
 They were hiring one down my street a few months before my 18th birthday but you obviously would have to be 18+ cause sometimes you serve smokes and stuff... I mean i was well sad. The job would be well good for me, and it's like 5 minutes away from my house- another bonus. GOD- why did i have to be born at the shiitiest time, like in school i was ALWAYS the youngest--- if it give me like one/two weeks- id be in the year below. Irritating to hell.

So yeah, i wonder how you'd get a job there like at ASDA or something. Not like they advertise for 'petrol cashier person' is it ?? What the hell do they even call them people?
 Whatever. That was one of my plans. Probably kinda not gonna happen. Whatever...

 MMmm. I don't know. I kinda gone off the main idea of being in childcare just cause of like me and my shy-ness when you first meet me. & i ALWAYS make a first shite first impression. Everybody always says that. Like my friends always say when they first met me they thought i was the bitchiest person ever. But i'm not. Obviously. ahahahahaha ;)

 What now,?
 Seriously today been boring to fuck,
 Let's see......

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