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  So, seeing some clips on the worst bits in reality t.v or something like that. God some of those girls of jersey/geordie shoore, the valleys etc. are SO trashy. How do they go on tele like that.

 Like that girl who talks about when she needs a shit- seriously some things we DON'T need to know.
And people who fart and then laugh actually disgust me. I don't care how i sound- i rarely ever fart. I'm not fucking classy or anywhere near it but i just hardly ever fart- if i do i'm gonna do it when nobody is there, seriously!?
 Then burping, sometimes you can't help but still...
 Then there is completely crude things some of them say and act. EW> do they not think of how their parents might see this? like that girl who is known for blowjobs and she actually acted it on bannanas and everything and she was like 'yeah my parents might see, at least they'll know im good at giving BJ's' i mean EW. Seriously- girl- get some respect!!!

  Hate trashy people.

 I used to actually despise this trampy slaggy bitch at school. She is giganticaly fat- therefore meaning HUGE boobs. Like the biggest you have seen. And she was there once in P.E. jumping up and down and telling everyone to feel them. I mean. Oh my God. Having huge boobs isn't always a good thing. It is cause your fat bitch !
 AND then (cause we totally hated each other, and we BOTH made that very clear) she started a fucking rumour saying i was pregnant cause when i ran i put my hand over my top --- nope. maybe i didn't want to flash everyone cause i was wearing a top too small !

  Then there are the alcoholics. I love going out, i go out to have fun and get VERY drunk. But drinking every night when your not in school or saying 'it is rare me not going out on a friday' whenever the rare occassion you don't go out. Seriously- if all you have is drink- i feel sorry for you.
I hate fat people who love theirselves cause of their massive boobs. What, don't they understand they are fat?? Are there boobs THAT big they can't see the rest of their fatness ?

I don't have a massive deal with smoking. I mean i used to all the time. And i do when i am drunk. I don't even know why. I mean- your breathe stinks and all your clothes, you don't look good smoking- i actually just think people look stupid smoking, like young young people smoking all the time cause they think they are cool.

 Drugs. --- Yeah. I tried some stuff once,. ages ago (yeah that doesn't sound good cause i am only 18) but having troubling shit and a dick druggie of a boyfriend and you may experiment THEN know it's not a good thing. The amount of people i see make complete shits of their lives cause of drugs. URGH, stupid people.

 Teenage pregnancy.
 Sure- have sex. Why not. Just 'put something on the end of it' as Jeremy Kyle would say. Seriously- is it that difficult to use a condom or take the pill?? At 14. Rest of your life. And you throw it down the drain OR fucking have an abortion cause you know you won't be able to care for a baby... did you not just think that is a life you just killed?

okay. Okay. OKAY>
 proper angry, annoyed, depressed, ranting, stressed mood tonight.

 Don't even get what got me so wound up. I just hate some things and Sooooo can't hide them.
 Oh well. Life sucks.
 My complaining is done with for 1st January (it is the 2nd January in half an hour technically so yeah....)

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