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  WELL. today's actually been okay. Woke up in the shittest mood imaginable and then had my pathetic mum being a complete and utter ignorant bitch, then she goes and rings this person up for me about this volunteer work im doing- even though i said i would ring when i woke up more still being half asleep- i mean- their gonna think im totally pathetic now, getting my mum ring in, WTF why did she do that? Drives me mad....

 But whatever, let it go....
So, i'm off to the person's house on Monday to like meet everyone as their having a staff meeting then i start on Tuesday just volunteering then i can get a reference, for like a few hours a day. Not too bad.

 SO. Then 3 of my parcels came- woo. And there like proper pretty. Nice jewerlery and two new heals and a skirt and my new calander. Now waiting for my other 5 parcels to come..... Maybe i shopped too much?

  Then i had dinner, not very hungry but whatever, got changed- tights, baggy jean blue shorts. baggy long black top , black bra, green thong, black braclet, green and goldy ring, gold long cross necklace, hair shoved up, make up on- done.
 Then off to pick up gran, then hospital, which for ONCE it was super quick and easy, then she gives me money for helping- she is such a sweetie!
 Then off to asda to get some food cause mum bought lodesa' stuff i don't even like.... thanks -.-

 Now back home. dark out at half 4 PM> just quickly put all new stuff away. Saw a shitty little creature insect thing on my floor- quickly squashed it, EW! Hate HATE insects. bleh!
 Now listening to the music channel while on here till tea is ready.
SHIT. forgot about my exercises. Oh goshhhhhh!! FIRST thing tomorrow morning before i go out in the evening i will. I WILL! christ. why am i so forgetful???

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