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hic-cups. and a sore chest everytime i fucking hiccup, christ!!!!!!!!!!!

 Waiting for a movie to come on BBC then that is my night sorted. Bored to f.
 What shall i do tomorrow???

 OH. I texted my old best-friend before, cause we haven't talked in like a month after we fell out... Just felt like texting someone and she texted back straight away. Since we fell out she found a boy- lost a boy- and started a new job and is now feeling like utter shit cause of her no-longer boyfriend situation. Wow. Abit happened in one month. I think we're okay now, she must had been in the forgiving mood, or maybe it's cause we haven't talked in forver- i thought she'd just tell me to fuck off. Whatever. I'm never gonna be best friends with her ever again- cause of what we both said to each over- i will forgive but i will never fucking forget. ! :)

 Seriously now- these hiccups with chest pains are killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Listening to music- as per usual. Nobody online here to talk to. Nobody on facebook who is worth talking to. Boredom killing me forever.
 I have to think of something to do tomorrow. Maybe go into town to return and buy a new set of my shoes that i got today that are too big.

  I seriously wish i had a boyfriend at moments like this. fucking friday boring shitting nothing to do nights when im lonely and shit depressive mood. i just need a cuddle. INstead im lyed on bed in my ultra-not-attractive wooly jumper and mini-boxers on. I was freezing top half and warm bottom half. I'm so weird...

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