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  OH. my mum was talking to me before when we were watching a programme where this girl swore and swore and swore. & my mum was like 'it's disgusting how she speeks, what a horrible person' and i was 'so it makes you a horrible person if you swear!?' and she was like 'well- your not a nice person if you say so many swear-words regulary everyday' and i was like, what the fuck.
  I mean- i don't swear in front of her cause she totally would just go mad at me really, so, avoiding the annoyance of her, i try not to swear around her or any of my family. i swear like crazy around anyone else though. i don't know why, it's like just my vocabulary.

 Yeah- there are some words i don't like. Like i hate the word 'cunt' when describing someone. i think its pure vile.
 and when a guy talks about having sex with a girl but says tons of crude words and stuff, i mean- ew. guys. seriously!?

 watching - i love you, man.
 Watched it before- it's pretty good and funny, so that's like 2 hours gone by. Well- been on just over an hour, so a bit left now then i've NOTHING to do.
 ah how life sucks.

 Give me a genie, please!?

  I want to lose this weight i gained recently- and be back to skinnier me, i hate being chubby and having tree-trunk legs!! I don't wanna wait like 5 months to be fully skinny again. SUCKS. Gonna exercise my ass off tomorrow since my diet is good just exercising is another matter. Getting back into it, eww!
 Then i want to win the lottery- cause i wanna be able to buy lots of stuff without thinking- shit i just spent money. ALSO how cool would it be to get up & go whenever, go travel, whatever.

 I mean TWO things. Only two fucking things- and they aren't like massive ones, i could make a list forever on what i would wish for but if i had two wishes, above would be them. I even think they would beat the 'let me be happy' wish. Crikeyyyy!

  Bored bored bored.
 at least my hiccups have gone. but the fucking chest pain hasn't. and i am like ultra shitty fucking bored. FUCK.

 So yeaaaaaaaaaaaah. Bored.

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