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 Wish i could read peoples minds, i have no fucking clue what is going on.
 after an average-ish date yesterday and a quick hug & kiss goodbye- no text, no nothing, i mean- it's pretty strange if he doesn't text me for a whole day anyway- never mind after we've met up. no idea what is going through his head. AH well.

 Oh, think im gonna go out tonight and get very drunk.

 i feel so miserable tonight for some reason- well- part of the reason is cause some stupid reason i decided to put on some music which reminds me of someone i used to know- someone i actually hate- now all i can think of is him.
 i mean- whenever this music comes on-  SKIP to the next song- cause i know it will put me in a foul mood. like i have it on a CD in my car and when it came on when my friend was in the car she was like 'oi' i was like 'if you want me to be a miserable bitch- put it back on, it'll put me in a shit mood so no'.

 Oh akon. i used to absolutely love your songs too! I mean- i still do. Just the memories that come along with them are so fucking shit it's unreal.

 I mean- i was feeling shit before i decided idiotically to put on this music- but this made it worse.
 I don't know why i was in a shit mood though. I hate being depressed it like- really- utterly- totally sucks. more than you can imagine. my life fucking sucks.

 Eurgh. Yeah. Gonna text my friends now to come out town with me and drink till i forget my life.

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