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listening to 'fast car' - fucking wish i could just go off and never come back. see these shite people here everyday. and everyone knows you and your business. never can forget the shite past.

 gonna have tidy my room, how the fuck it get soo messy- so quick- is just ridiculous!

 Sat on bed- just got home- listening to music...
 I've started wearing jewellery more like i used to. most days it's the same ring, same bracelet (a black rope one i don't usually like but this one is nice and says 'lucky' on a gold thing in the middle) and a necklace  (well a chain with three TINY rings on it!). cause there all new, super cute & hopefully will bring me luck !!

 okay. okay mood now i guess.
gotta see how tomorrow goes, hate wearing super smart clothes for interviews though- feel so frumpy! beige shirt and black trousers with dolly shoes and my bag with CV and shit in it. Hopefully i won't get lost on the way there. And OH fuck pleaseeeeee let my first day at volunteering go well tomorrow and not totally shit! :)

 Listening to - knock you down--- SUCH an old song, memories! i love it though.
Okay. really gotta start tidying up now.
 Oh and yaaaay. got all my clothes & stuffs i ordered now, woo, there all like proper nice too & fit perfectly! WOO!

 right. what can i do tonight?
 HAD to keep myself super busy today else i know the day would drag so much. so i've been non-stopping doing useless shit and going out the house. ah well. ten past 4 PM now. Tea soon, then what else?
 gonna be busy for ages tidying now though- oh fucking yay -.-

 I really need to quit swearing so much. i swear WAY too much.
 and phew. thank god my mum is so deaf ! accidentally swearing she's like 'what' then i say sommet else. she's so funny- she's not even that old to have such shite hearing. AH well.

 Yeahhh. Really hope the lucky angels are shining on me tomorrow & the rest of this week. Need it dozens !! x

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