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I am sooo dumb!! i got lost going  to this interview today even though i had my sat nav. got lost on the way back and went round this massive roundabout like 4 times, made me dizzy. then i got lost like trying to get into the building, cause it was like a few steps the other way so i asked the reception person. fuck i am dumb.

 In school a guy used to always take the piss out of how dizzy i am. like he always used to say i reminded him of that blonde dumb one of glee. I was like why ?? he was like 'your dizzy- i've never met anyone as dizzy in my life' and i was like 'what's dizzy mean?' --- yeah , probably made him think i was more. But i am. I know and i don't care. it's just me and my stupidness, im not the thickest person ever but i'm defiantly not clever, and i have like 0 common sense and i am so clumsy it is unbelievable... ah well. you live. you learn.

 actually recently realised how much i've been listening to the music channels lately. i NEVER used to. Now its like all the time... and in between when it's breaks - headphones on, ipod, then adverts back off and its back to the music on tele.

 So. today went better than expected. i am glad.
interview went well.
volunteer work went well.- it made me smile. everyone was nice and friendly. they got me.

 so yeah. hopefully all will go well tomorrow and thursday which i am not looking forward to, and friday, then next week. Paaah. Long days are going to drag like hell....
 Today has lasted forever. So tired.
At least i should be able to sleep tonight- right??

 Freezing in my room, sat in fleece-like PJ pants and my pink hoodie, oh and fluffy socks.

 I was thinking- i always used to think to not wear a thong with black pants, but now i always do, cause at least you won't see any lines through the trousers of were they end like, if that makes sense, so yeah. Just thought i'd mention it i supppose.... Let my hair down, up tight in a bun killed my fucking head, make-up off, comfy.....

 I really really want to looking forward to something. But there is nothing....

 OH and i was going to go out with this new guy, round his town on Thursday. very drunkness and alot of.. fun. but nope, now i've got to get up to go give this job thing in Friday morning and i am not doing that rough! and then it's back to volunteering in the afternoon... told him but he's not replied yet- probably think i am making up excuses but whatever..............

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