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 Freezing in this house. My room. Heaters on full. sucks. Goosebumps. hairs on my arms standing up. I shave everywhere except my arms- just cause of the effort of shaving your arms all the time, i mean, plus they'd grow back way hairier and darker, there blonde right now- so ima gonna leave them!

  So. Today went good i suppose. Whenever i do things which are shitty, uncomfortable and totally wrong and awkward- i kinda just let them pass and go over my head. Overwise i'm stressing out for ages and thinking way too much about things.
 Also when i get totally pissed. Like today- went supermarket with mum so i could have a quick look in the shopping section and she was trying to figure out how you use the parking ticket machine. she kept going on and talking louder, and this really fit guy walked past me and i was just like- fucking great... SO. I said 'whatever' and walked in the shop and left her to it. Don't get annoyed. Don't get angry. Don't get sad. Whatever... Let it go and walk away from the situation.

 I should really learn to do that in all my shitty situations 'just walk away from it' cause you stop the shit. taking yourself out of it- and it goes alright.

I was in after-school club today for the day, a little 7 year old asked me what do i do- school, college, how old i am, what i want to do when i am older. I was like 'i don't know what i want to do' she was like 'mmm a pilot' and i was like 'no' so she was like 'mmm a teacher?' and i was like 'mmm.. well i'm not really that clever so maybe not' hahahahha. She was so funny. The little girl just laughed for ages and gave me a hug. Aw. They are so cute!

 then she asked me how old i was then when i said i was 18 another girl said i was the same age as Justin Beiber then asked me if i liked justin beiber. I was like sure! she was like 'yay he's so cute!' i was like 'i know right!' hahahahaha. Then the other girl came back and said 'i dont like him, i love one direction' i was like 'oh me too!!' cause recently i weirdly bum their songs! So after a massive discussion with all the kids of who liked which of the guys the best, i said 'i like the blonde one!' and this 5 year old was like 'nail !? me too!! i had a tattoo of him on my arm saying i love nail!' ahahaha. I was like aaaaaawww. but seriously -I am SUCH a child!!

& the little 3 year old boy who fell asleep and when we tried to wake him up and stood him up he looked dazed staring in space wobbling slightly cause he was still half-asleep. Such a cutie!

  Yeah. I cannot wait till these fucking builders next door go away!!!! Best hurry their asses up! And stop being so noisy all the time and making me stay out the house as long as possible.
 Woke up at 10. Went out at 11 cause i was sick of the noise. Came back at 1. Went out again at 2- sick of the noise again! Came back at half 2. Had a shower, got ready, went out at 20 past 3. after school club for 3 hours. then back home. tea. and now i'm here...

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