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  Yesterday i was driving and at the lights this stupid kid --- (WELL saying he was a kid- he was in college walking home so probably was a year younger than me, still....) ran across the road when i was driving up and the light just changed to green, i beeped at him and then stared at him and moved my hand like 'move!' and shouted and him to get out the way (though he probably didn't hear me- just saw my mouth going crazy!) so yeah. It was SUPER funny. aha.

 Oh and today- there are roadworks everywhere- and near my house there's lodes and i drove past with my window open by accident- music blasting and singing along, drive past all the workers and all the heads turn and i suddenly realise i'm belting out and they all can hear me! hahahahaha!!! I'm SUCH a fool :)

 Then- getting lost to the job interview, but still driving really fast, didn't see the lights were on red and didn't know which lane i was in so i was all over the place and right up to line to stop my sat nav tells me to 'turn left' so i was like shit. So i shifted to the left and forward in the right lane but then over the line. So i was reversing and this women next to me starred at me like 'WTF'. Then my shoe was rubbing my foot so i looked at it, looked back up and someone sped past me and i realised it changed to green- ooops.

 So- repeated this song 4 times now, maybe i should find another one else i'll probably get sick of it, though it's totally amazing! :D

 Mood is okay today. Quiet good actually> WOW. what is wrong with me?? :)
  Yay. That is all i can say.....

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Posted on 01:30PM on Jan 10th, 2013
Crazy woman driver! But then, I've done similar so what does that make me?
Posted on 02:22PM on Jan 10th, 2013
hahahaha! im a little crazy!
& yeah. Crazy driver you too!
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