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 SO> recently my life consists of music, driving, music, bed, music, phone, texting, ep, shopping, facebook, internet, music, bed, car...
 And that's pretty much it.

 Yeah- Right now i am on my bed listening to music while on EP and facebook. Kinda proved my point right there.
 Today was okay though- went on the training day for my new job, like tomorrow & wednesday. it's okay. Kinda what i expected- not too good, not too bad, so at least it wasn't horednous- right? I got there okay, after the massive queue and thinking i was gonna be late- DAMM roadworks!!
 I finally got there two minutes before. Everyone else was in and i was like 'HI :)' to the women i've seen before... then sat down. i didn't feel too bad cause everyone in there (or nearly everyone) was just like me- not knowing anyone. Though i had to come late and sit in the last seat left which was near this girl who's tummy kept grumbling- then when we had dinner- the rest of the day all she did was burp! EW!
 Minging as fuck lady !!!

 I was by FAR the youngest person there! There were some 40 year olds (i'm guessing) and the youngest was probably 21 ish. So yeah... I like being the youngest one though, so all was fine...
 Wore my leggings and a t-shirt and top and boots.

 Might go a ltitle earlier tomorrow so i don't have to threat about rushing- when your going 5 mph above the speed limit now my new sat nav beeps like mad ! ANNOYING! :) And then i can go co-op or somewere to get some food for dinner, cause i had nothing today  cause i wasn't even really hungry but i didn't want to go out in the cold either !!

 SO Yeah. Bored to fuck now. Wish i had something to do in the afternoons part from internet and texting...

 SPEAKING of fucking texting- i have this extreamly annoying guy who won't take the hint & fuck off. I am seriously just thinking of saying' fuck off please' or just maybe make an excuse up and say i'm with someone now and hope he doesn't see me round town. I mean- he just sounds like he really likes me so i don't wanna be a complete bitch to him. but still.. gawwwd!...

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Posted on 04:31PM on Jan 14th, 2013
mmm. theres an idea! ;)
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