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  Freezing... Non-stop snowing through the night. It's still coming down lodes and all you see is white ! (ha that just rhymed!) yet somehow schools are still open, so looks like i am going to have to brave it later when it's 3 o'clock- but my plans for driving into town today are NOT happening like this, sucks.
 I hate the snow. It makes me extra super clumsy- i am bad enough with the help from snow to be clumsy !
 Plus it is freeeeeezzing cold. Sat here with my nice warm PJ pants on i shall be wearing alll day till 3. Fluffy socks, vest top, jumper, wooly jumper on. Brrrrrrrr....

 So. Today's gonna be shit. ahwell...

 Oh. Last night i went out and got veryyyy drunk at a friends house, i was texting this guy saying how i wasn't going out in that weather but he had but  it was empty- obviously cause who would go out in that !! Then we kept texting for a while and flirting and he is soooo funny... I woke up this morning with the cutest text ever. Aww.. Think i actually might give this one a chance....

  MMMmmm. So what i always used to do was taking a few pictures every day on my phone. but nowadays i'm too paranoid my phone will get seen by someone, so i've started taking pictures on my laptop. Yay. Just me pictures usually when i'm in the middle of typing or just come on the computer. Just like a daily thing of what i looked like that day. Ahhhhhh> Fuck knows. I am a weird.

 OWwwwwwww..... Stupid me. Running for the phone and full on slipping falling to my belly. owwwww. massive cut on my arm and my knees now. Fuck that hurt. WHY am i so clumsyyyyyyyyyyy!???? It was pretty funny though. BANG!

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