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I seriously have no idea what to doooo... Why do I overthink things too much?
So... This guy I saw on my drunken night yesterday has been texting me all day, I went pub before and he was in again- I didn't really remember him but he said my name as I walked through the door so I got it was him.
Me, my friend and him went for dinner and stuffs, then at the end of the night he said we should go for a drink sometime to chat. He seems really lovely. He put his cold round me cause my teeth was chattering even though this was the only the second time I've seen him :/
The thing is... He is 27 nearly 10 years older than me. And I don't really know cause he is so old to me, and he has a little kid who is 4, and he isn't the type I usually go for. Hes fit in his body but his face isn't really, he wears glasses..... But I was like- watching him in the pub while he was talking to his mates, and I just love his personality and the way he is in some ways, hes so nice and hilarious. !

The thing is- when I meet guys when I'm drunk- I either think 'god your brave coming back again after seeing me in that state' or 'wow you must think I'm easy and just want sex' WHY do I always have meet people on a night out.....

AND I'm still talking to the last guy I met on a night out, who I've seen like 5 times on 'dates' and he keeps texting me about how we need to meet up and he hasnt seen me in ages :( and stuffs like that. I don't know about him though. Hes not my usual type either, hes extremely tall and blonde and I hate his hair. I love his personality at times but sometimes its just like pure awkwardness. I don't know how to stop texting him but be nice about it... Hmmm.....

I think I'm gonna give this new guy a chance and go for a drink sometimes. Let the looks pass and if he makes you smile- maybe the looks aren't all what counts. Looking in pictures of him in like 'urrrrrrr' but today when he was in front of me I didn't care bout his looks cause he made me smile and laugh... SOOOOO... ten past one am now. Got home like an hour ago, didn't drink cause I drove. Oh... Still a good and funny night. I left at like 5 just for tea- turned out longer than I thought but least it passed time and was fun. Watching tele. Oh and today I was still hearing stories from last night about how me and my friend were told to shut up cause we wouldn't stop screeching while singing last night. Oh great-- more embarrassment. Hahahaha....

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