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 Like when your really happy and you act giddy and louder cause your so happy it feels like your drunk.
Then there's the drunk drunk.
 I was both throughout yesterday and last night !!!

  SO. Yesterday was good i suppose... Really good i suppose...

    First it was cinemas, then shopping, then tea, then music and pre-drinks at the besties. We take WAY too long to get ready and were ready to go to the pub at half 11. OOopps.
  No taxis. Fucking great when it has just been pouring it down with rain, slow and ice on the floor, so we have to walk about a 2 minute car journey in our heels which took us like more than 15 minutes. Fucking dreadful. But then again by this time i was pretty tipsy so i didn't care as much about walking like an idiot in my heels in the snow or the fact i was wearing leggings and the thinnest top imaginable while it was freezing outside. I am SO clever!

 So we stayed in pub till like 2 ish. The boss-man closed the doors while there was only 5 of us in. We played darts and pool and drank, drank, drank. I was with this guy who i know likes me. But me being a slutty drunk decides to go to the other side of the pub where this random guy was sat all alone and looking sad. I went over to him and asked if he were okay, we chatted for like a minute then started kissing. Then full on kissing. Then he pushed me on the couch -chairs and started putting his hand down my leggings. In the pub where tons of cameras are probably fucking watching ! At least there was nobody watching us there cause nobody was near us !

 Then he says we should go back to his. So i say 'sure!' We sneak out and i forget my bag, then i go back and this guy who likes me saw me run off with this random guy so he locks the doors and doesn't let us back in! He finally does, and him and my best friend are so pissed off. So i don't go back to this random guys house and i have a go at him for fucking up everybody.

 Arguements start. I cry as usual when im a drunk mess. I say sorry to the guy who likes me. And he's still texting me now, so i think he's okay....

 Well. We go into town for abit, then i carry on kissing that random guy, Then my friend says she likes him so can we swap. I say sure cause the other one is cuter so i get off with him and my friend goes back to the other guys house.
 We sit there, Kiss, go into the park where it was pissing it down! He does stuff to me, I crouch and do stuff to him. then he says we should go back his.
 We walked for ages for a taxi in the soaking rain, I looked like a drowned fucking rat ! Soaked from head to toe- dripping,
 Well the taxi's weren't even open but i stopped one that let us go. We got back to his dad making comments on how we should be good and how i should dry myself off then sleep on the couch.
 So. I go up and we get undressed with his dad downstairs still shouting 'don't have sex' and stuff..
We didn't.
 He didn't have a condom and i'm not sure if i would have anyway, but everything else was good ! :)

  I walked back to my friends at 10 in our same clothes. My hair frizzy to high hell cause the rain and now it dried up.

  AND my amazing idea to go back to the pub again- embarrassing. But another drunken night on the cards.....

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