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 This family. This house. This life. Sucks. Fucking shit.
 Seriously they are all complete stress-heads and fucking idiots. Urgh. I hate them so much at times. Everyone just goes mental for barely any reason at all, then another one flicks, then another, seriously- fucking hell guys !!!! WTF. is wrong with them, they need a mental hospital for their anger issues and i thought i was getting fucking bad ! Maybe i've caught it of them eh....

   SO. Sat on bed listening to music. Not seeing my friend later on cause shes ill as fuck, so straight to this guys house and he said he was gonna buy some beer for him, vodka for me. Yay. Just need get all my stuff ready seen as i'm staying over, and my satnav ready and need go petrol shop cause i'm gonna run out VERY soon, And that really would not be good- obviously. ha!

  So. Cause i go out like most nights now, and come back super late, mum keeps over-questioning me like i saying stuff like 'i hope thats all your doing' and 'be careful' i think she thinks i have a boyfriend or something. And my mum is like one of them dead old fashioned ones, where in her world 18 is too young for boyfriends or sex or anything.
 She's weird though, about other stuff like swearing- the most i have ever heard her say is shit, And i am like the worst person ever for swearing, but i somehow control it when i am with my family- cause- yeah- she'd probably just have a massive go at me. I don't think i'd even bother to try it.

 Can't wait to move out though. hate the lack of privacy in this shitty house. Just hope tonight is gonna go really good and really fun and not awkward- though i don't think it will be, cause i was sober enough the other day when i woke up from sleeping at his., and we just talked and talked.

 The most random conversation about who is fit and who is not when we were watching the music channel. Him saying 'well i think he is the fittest out of that band' and me agreeing and me saying 'she is fit' and him agreeing/disagreeing. It was so weird but like he said- about being so comfortable about our sexuality we can say if we think the same sex is fit or not and it doesn't mean we are not straight. I like the way we get each other and weirdly have so much in common when you think of the age gap...
 Hmmmmmm. Weird. Ah well. Roll on 8 o'clock.

 Oh and SUCKS how i didn't ask the fucking question again today- i was gonna when i walked down- but they asked me to go another place instead of walking down i was like 'shit' ! but the actual day was really good though. Just gonna have ask her tomorrow i guess.....

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