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 Happy tonight... Happy last night.

   Got lost but finally got to this guys house and we watched some movies. I drank my vodka & coke while he drank his beers. Then we listened to his rocky type of music, which is better than expected, then we kissed, cuddled, went to bed... I said i didn't want to have sex. So we did everything but. He was so annoyed cause i was getting him so turned on cause he loves his neck being kissed and bitten....
 He actually headbutted the bed. I was like 'WTF!' it was funny though. and we were both slightly drunk. It was a really good night though. it was.
 Before the drunkness, i was texting my bestie and she still is confused about the whole me and the other guy situation of how i sucked the guy of she likes, this guy is now fucking lying saying that nothing happened. So we're all gonna try and get together (though i doubt the guy will) and sort the shit out.
 She said to me on how its not fair how the guy who likes me still is staying with me. While she is fucked cause shes not getting with the guy she likes. and she's right. i'm a bitch. i said sorry and there is nothing else i can say. we'll be okay again though i know we will...

  Just as i came to this guys house though we sat down and he said 'right- let's sort this out before anything happens' he asked me what i actually did with any of the guys  over the weekend. he said its a new start.  he said how if he hadn't felt a 'connection' the other day then he would have told me to fuck off already. but he really likes me. i don't know why.
 while we were drunk he asked me to be his girlfriend. i said no. he said it was alright cause it was really early anyways.

 Let's just see how it goes. I kinda do like him now though. i'm not sure though. So i'm gonna just take each day and see what happens. who knows......

 BUT yeah- sat on bed, listening to music, shivering freezing, but i'm happy. happy. yay :)

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