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Need to lose weight really quick really alot.
The guy im kinda seeing says i shouldn't cause i'm good the way i am, and my ass is perfect. He actually loves my fat ass. He did say he was a legs and bum man. I think i have horrific legs and my bum is just too big and it's not even toned anymore after gaining weight... But if he likes me then whatever, makes me feel alright. Though i seriously can't take the constant compliments- blushing overtime. HA!

 I was watching him while he was working the other day. He was so fit when the customers was causing trouble- how he took control. I don't even know why i just thought he looked so cute. Then each time i saw him go over to the security guard who is his friend he kept smiling and i kept seeing them both look at me. Like he was really proud to have me. It was weird. Nice but weird.
 He did say the other day of how 'how am i lucky enough to have you?'
 he is so cute. And i absolutely love his fit arms and tons and tons of tattoos.

 I think im gonna book my tattoo that i've been wanting for ages. Cause my friend is having hers done soon too i think i will go with her at the same time so we can be in pain together. EEkkks. I know it's gonna fucking kill though.

 Sat on bed in dressing gown. Can't be arsed moving. Feel full and bloated- shouldn't have eaten that delicious fatty ice-cream. tired. need to get ready and get my stuff together then outs later then sleeping over then tomorrow and back home and then to the pub with my bestie. We seriously need a drunken night together after all of last weeks shit.... Ahh. This weekend should be a good one !

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