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 canNOT believe people can be such heartless dickheads. Seriously - gonna cheat- leave- there is no fucking excuse !
 How can he be such an arshole to cheat on my best friend so many times i will never know.AND he tried to cheat with me- which i wouldn't have. Why couldn't she just believe me when i warned her- i argued with him over and over and the last time i saw him- i forgave him, forgot it, was happy for her.
 Now we have just found out he has done all this shit and i wish i fucking punched him when i had the chance! Oh if he dares to show his scumbag face in the pub or anywhere again i will go crazy. like seriously will not be able to hold myself back from screaming, slapping, oh what a state.

  Back to my love life- hahahaha- i'm happy.
YES- he isn't 'my type' or 'my perfect ideal man'
 But when you see girls with guys and you know the girl could do better- but the realtionships are always amazing- cause i've tried it with dickheads before- the fit ones- but the personality of shit. And it doesn't work. Probably cause there so up their own ass to give a shit about anyone else. God knows.
 I'm happy with him though.
 He isn't perfect. But i am nowhere near that so we're lucky really.
 we get on so well. he is cute and funny and has the most amazing personality. and he likes me sooooo fucking much. it's weird why we are moving so quick, emotional wise. But it's good weird.
Off to buy a valentines card later then off to my friends and off for a drive around and talks to hopefully get her mind of things.
 Just need the job front going and i am good.

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