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   Like Thursday night out on the town. Hahaha.
 Saturday night.
 Sunday night is karaoke at the pub,
 Oh such a mess thinking of last week and our karaoke antics, plus this time we have a list of 10+ songs of what we are going to do - like the most gay funny songs ever, such fools when we are drunk ! And we SCREECH down the microphones. haha.

 should be good times though. hopefully really good times. then it's staying at the boyfriends all day friday and monday. then back to usual monday 3. Oh i wish it were always half term !!

 I'm eating way too much recently- friends are a bad influence ! Add the amount of alcohol i've been drinking recently gonna be fat to fuck ! :( BOO!
 Went out for a wonder yesterday and came back in about 1am. Mum was like - i told you not be too late. hahahaha. I think she's thinking i may have a older boyfriend with some of the things i come out with and shit. If she knew the age gap she wouldn't be happy> but if she met him- i'm sure she'd love him. But NONONONO. Not for a long time. she has never met ANY of my boyfriends. ha .

 Friend asked me come cinemas and a drive tonight but it is a complete day and night in and cosy. Nipped out before for a card and came back within 20 minutes. Looked scruffy as fuck with my hair needing to be washed (but waiting till tomorrow overwise it will be greesy from overwashing) and no makeup on cause i'm trying to get rid of these spots and there isn't a day i go by without makeup clogging up my skin usually, and with my hoodie on. Oh well> barely  anyone saw me.

 Listening to music, was playing- trivial pursuit before. i am so dumb. but oh well. it was alright. not played that game in years & years. weird.

 Can't wait till 6 tomorrow- rush home- get ready- hopefully at the pub ready for half 7 then drunkness quick and off round town with the girlies and back to the boyfriends house later on (early hours in the morning).

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