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 I mean i really should keep my mouth shut- i didn't say anything THAT bad this time- but i still pissed them off big-style. Fallen out with my besties again. Maybe i shouldn't drink so much, eurgh.

 Good though- after my many drinkies, went asda for some food and went back to my guy house and went to bed. sex. more sex. sleep. food. sex. food. more sex.
 I actually really like this guy.

 We agreed to not buy each other presents- just a card- cause we've been together for 2 weeks. But he bought me a cute little teddy and a card - inside he wrote..... blah, blah, 'thanks for making me feel like me again! xxxxxxxxxxx'
 It's soo cute. He is so cute. And funny. And nice. And lovely. And gorgeous. we really do click and connect, we really do seem good for each other.
 We talk about the most random shit ever, and some serious shit too, i hope neither of us fuck it up cause it really is actually going really good for once. we just make each other so happy. like all the boxes are ticked. we're so similar and i actually really am falling for him, i didn't want to. but i am.
 Drunken me (which he reminded me of this morning) said 'i'm falling for you!' last night.
 then when we woke up he said he realllyyyy was falling for me.
Neither of us even wanted something so fucking serious right now. But. It's happening. & it is a GOOD weird. Even if i have known him for less than a month and he is nearly 10 years older than me.

 The awkward words my mum and dad said about dating someone older than me- shit if  they ever find out- well- they will have to EVENTUALLY! -- dad said '21 is old enough!' and mum said '24/25 at the most!'
 Pahaha. I don't care.  I like him too much now to just throw him away like i usually do.

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