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   WOW> one day has dragged so fucking much- can NOT believe it is only bloody Monday!! :(

 Probably cause i had the most amazing weekend ever- the week is gonna slow down to fuck- even more since this weekend should also be amazing ! Hopefully at least. Not drinking when i go out on Thursday- sleeping over till Saturday morning, back home then back on Sunday night and karaoke till the boyfriend finishes work then back his again.

  Last night was good though. Barely drank. Fell out with my boyfriend slightly cause he was sort-of trying to control me- he apologized really quick and we kissed, hugged and laughed and made up. We went out round town for a few then went to get a takeaway and was home for 2ish in the morning ready for a movie then bed. Straight to bed- shattered. Woke up a million times in the night and somehow plucked up enough energy to have sex about midday- a quickie cause i had to go home soon.
  I also got woken up at 8 and 11 because work rang me asking me about references- i had a croaky voice from alot of smoking the night before and ALOT of singing also! But hopefully that work stuffs will all be sorted in the next few days...

  Went back home- had some dinner and a shower then off to work-thing, came back home, went cinemas with the bestie then back to the pub and had a chat with some friends and the boyfriend then back home for some tele, now all cosied up in bed typing and watching a movie and hopefully i will be able to sleep soon !

 Hopefully everything will fall in place in the next few weeks- without getting caught out.

Feeling pretty shitty ill still... Hopefully this week will go good. I need to get work sorted- and i better fucking not come on early like i usually do when my diet shifts else i won't be overly happy.

 But i am actually quiet happy recently- it is amazing.

 The boyfriend makes me smile and feel happy and feel worthful. I love it.
 I'm actually getting on really well with my friends- more than usual anyway.
 & i'm just generally having more fun and more of a life-
 i suppose if your more busy doing stuff- your mind is taken away from the worries.

 Don't worry- Be happy !! x

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